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to shed or not to shed

Filed in Memoir, Stories :: September 13, 2010

I’ve been shedding since Bindu first blogged about her Shed Project weeks ago.  A bag of clothes, a box of books, here, an idea, a construct, a limiting belief, a habit, there. But now that the project, with its commitment to shed some stuff from my surroundings and my hips, is about to start for […]

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beauty in the breakdown

Filed in Memoir, Stories, voices :: September 12, 2010

  For the past eight days, I’ve had this lyric in my head: so let go, jump in oh well, whatcha waiting for it’s alright ’cause there’s beauty in the breakdown. –from “Let Go” by Frou Frou For the past eight days, Mr. Z’s mother, Virginia, has been dying.  She’s 93 years old.  Last Saturday, […]

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in the good company of women

Filed in Stories, voices :: August 24, 2010

In 2002, I went to Alaska to hike.  I was with nine other women from all over the country; Mary, our guide from Fairbanks; and Marian Marbury, CEO of Adventures in Good Company. I’m in the brown cap next to the “I.” I discovered the pleasure of traveling alone. I became reacquainted with my nearly […]

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Can I get a witness?

Filed in Stories :: August 15, 2010

In the course of the past week, I have attended two parties to celebrate the milestones of women friends.  The guests at both parties have known the honored women throughout nearly all their lives. At the first, last Tuesday night in Columbia, SC, I was among the “old” friends gathered to celebrate Michelle’s 5th anniversary […]

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