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book 6 of 24 books in 28 days: a three dog life

Filed in Books, Memoir, Writing :: February 11, 2010

After struggling with Vidal’s Point to Point Navigation, rereading (yes, I broke my skim-only resolution again) A Three Dog Life by Abigail Thomas has been pure pleasure.  Richard Rogin, Thomas’s husband, was not dead, but seriously, permanently injured. Thomas writes about the five years following his traumatic brain injury from being hit by a car. […]

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book 5 of 24 books in 28 days: point to point navigation

Filed in Books, Memoir, Writing :: February 10, 2010

Gore Vidal writes in his 2006 Point to Point Navigation: A Memoir, "I left myself at the end of my first memoir, Palimpsest, in the year 1964, when I was thirty-nine.  It is now April 2005."   I came upon this "Part 2" of Vidal's memoirs via some list or other of "grief memoirs," and Vidal […]

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book 3 of 24 books in 28 days: the best day the worst day

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Like Joan Didion's The Year of Magical Thinking (my "book 2"), Donald Hall's The Best Day the Worst Day is a writer's memoir of the death of a writer/spouse.    Jane Kenyon was ill and treated for leukemia for fifteen months before she died, as opposed to John Gregory Dunne's sudden death from heart failure.  […]

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