Angela Kelsey

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An email from G. Yasmin Jacob, Adjunct Professor of Law, Nova Southeastern University:

Dear Angela:

I wanted to thank you once again for your willingness to participate in my class last week. The students have all commented on how moved they were by your presentation, and most were surprised by certain things. One student for example said, “When Angela walked through the door she was not what I expected to see.” Other students were struck by the fact you ‘stayed’ when they expected someone of your background, education and resources to simply and easily walk away. Although we had previously discussed many of the reasons regarding why people stay, it was clear to me that the discussions did not really hit home until they had an opportunity to listen to you. Many of them specifically remembered your statement that persons who are in battering relationships often know exactly what they are doing when they choose to stay, that they often know what it is that they need to do in order to survive.

I am grateful that my students had an opportunity to meet you, and that you continue to share your experiences with so many people.

Thank you so very much again,


A letter from Christy Gomez, Director of South Florida Women of Tomorrow Mentor & Scholarship Program:


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