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Happy Birthday, Mom

Filed in Memoir, Stories, voices :: January 10, 2011

Sitting across the table from my mother today, celebrating her 69th birthday, I remembered this picture of her, at 16, with her mother, Annie, then 41, standing next to a gardenia bush that was still blooming when I was a child. At 16, my mother wanted to be a doctor.   She became a devoted mother […]

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Annie says,

Filed in Stories, voices :: January 6, 2011

My maternal grandmother, Anne Ferrara Jones, died on December 28, 1997.  I always think about her more than usual during this time of year. This year, I’ve been thinking about her creative, authentic and joyful philosophy of life. A little background.  Her parents, Italian immigrants, died in the flu epidemic of 1918, leaving behind five […]

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The Writer’s Five Acts

Filed in Stories, voices, Writing :: January 1, 2011

In February 2010 I attended a weekend workshop with  John Friend, the founder of Anusara yoga, who was teaching at the conference center of FIU, the same school at which I was about to defend my MFA thesis.  I may not have been revising, but I told myself that at least I was on the […]

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Sacred Supplies

Filed in Stories, voices, Writing :: December 29, 2010

Writing is writing, right? Whether I use a keyboard or a pen;  Post-it note, Word document,  WordPress, yellow legal pad, Scrivener,, or a notebook, what is the difference? The speed with which ideas can be set down? A physical or metaphysical connection between hand and heart that happens only with pen in hand? Legibility? […]

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Thelma, Louise, Kali and I

Filed in Dating Violence, Domestic Violence, Stories, voices :: December 21, 2010

I started resisting the reverb10 prompts  beginning with last Friday’s: Lesson Learned.  There was nothing wrong with the prompt, but I decided to take the evening off from blogging to watch Thelma and Louise, which had risen to the top of my Netflix cue.  I hadn’t seen it since it came out in 1991. Yes, […]

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