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“I dare you to look at me and see that I am the answer”

Filed in Stories, voices :: November 20, 2010

I’ve been thinking about the Girl Effect since Tara Sophia Mohr put out the call on Twitter for blog posts earlier this week. I’ve lent money to women through Kiva and other microlenders, committed to the belief that women’s self-esteem, safety, education, and business success are the keys to nearly all global ills. But I […]

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Divorce Day, a guest post by Luca

Filed in Stories, voices :: November 19, 2010

Dates are very important. They give us a sense in time, excuses to look for in advance and moments to remember. I celebrate almost everything: December the 24th –and not the 25th– Christmas with family, gifts and friends; December 31st, New Years Eve, with champagne and hopes for the best to come; the Fourth Thursday […]

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Pedestrian Lincoln Road, a guest post by Jennifer Hurst

Filed in Stories, voices :: November 17, 2010

Lincoln Road is crowded this temperate Saturday evening with sunburned, fleshy tourists, cigarette-smoking, bony beauties, muffin-topped teens, movie-bound families, stylish dogs and strollered children.  The pedestrian open-air mall now rents to the expected names, GAP, Williams-Sonoma, Macy’s, (it is a mall, after all) but is anchored by an architectural adventure in the form of a parking […]

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memoir-in-progress excerpt: gauntlet

Filed in Memoir, Stories :: September 20, 2010

Last night Books & Books, an independent bookstore in Coral Gables, hosted the annual FIU MFA Alumni reading. I read from my memoir-in-progress, currently titled “Secret Stories: A Memoir of Domestic Violence.” The background is that Lee and I were married for eight years. Separated in April of 2007. Divorced in September 2007. He crashed […]

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