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The Survivors

Filed in Writing :: April 3, 2012

From The New Yorker, December 21, 1957: Quite rightly, we remained among the living; Managed to hoard our strength; kept our five wits; So far as possible, withheld our eyes From sights that loosen keystones in the brain. We suffered, where we had to, thriftily, And wasted nothing on the hopeless causes, Foredoomed escapes, symbolic […]

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Happy Birthday, April

Filed in Stories :: April 2, 2012

You may know April as the mother of Hunter and Colton, Mr. Z’s grandsons. Today is her twenty-seventh birthday. She is generous, wise, funny, loving, comfortable in her own skin. Yesterday she said, taking Colton from me, watching him fall instantly to sleep on her shoulder, “He just needed to smell me so that he […]

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Adrienne Rich April

Filed in Stories :: April 1, 2012

In 1987 I read Adrienne Rich’s Of Woman Born in a Women’s Studies class. I was 23, and I was changed forever. It seems fitting to read her again in April 2012, after a month of marvelous posts by women friends, after Rich’s death last Tuesday. It seems fitting to spend April’s posts here within […]

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Nest-Making Retrospective

Filed in Stories, voices :: March 31, 2012

  On March 1, I had an idea so clear and bright that before I knew it, I was sending out this email: “I’m putting together a month of blog posts for National Women’s History Month. This year’s theme is Women’s Education–Women’s Empowerment. Women’s stories are near and dear to my heart, and I believe they are important […]

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A Transforming Force

Filed in Stories :: March 30, 2012

Today’s Nest-Making guest post in honor of women and Women’s History Month is by Julie Daley.  Since I first met Julie, a “transforming force” herself, on Twitter, I’ve been drawn to her and to her  truly unabashed love of the feminine and the Feminine.   Enjoy. :: “The connections between and among women are the […]

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