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One of the One Billion Rising

Filed in Domestic Violence :: February 15, 2013

For months I’ve been wound up about Congress’s failure to reauthorize the landmark Violence Against Women Act. The law was first passed in 1994, and reauthorized without incident in 2000 and 2005. It worked. More women had access to more protection from violence and abuse. When it was time to reauthorize VAWA in 2011, additional provisions […]

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A Matter of Life and Death

Filed in Writing :: January 2, 2013

Last year I picked a word and ran with it all year: tell. I’m still running with it, and still thinking about 2012 and still needing to write about it, and I will, soon. But I’ve chosen my word for 2013, and it’s “live,” the verb.   Maybe I’m feeling my mid-life-ness. Maybe it’s time […]

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Filed in Stories :: December 3, 2012

I left south Florida at 8:30 on the morning after Thanksgiving, and I was landing here again fewer than 36 hours later, at 8 on Saturday night.  A week later I have a sense of what took me back  to a very different “south”–South Carolina–and what I brought back home with me. There were name […]

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Why go back?

Filed in Stories :: November 23, 2012

I’m sitting in the airport in Ft. Lauderdale, waiting to board a plane to South Carolina for my 30th high school reunion. I didn’t go to the 10th (divorcing my first husband) or the 20th (temporarily separated from my second husband) or the 25th (divorcing my second husband). Finally, 30 years after high school, tumultuous […]

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Filed in Stories :: July 20, 2012

This morning when I heard the news of the Aurora shooting. I immediately thought of Jeanne, whose son lives in Denver, and who wrote a beautiful post today that weaves a whirlwind of reactions into a reminder to love each other. I keep thinking about the story of one of the people who was killed. […]

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