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Why go back?

Filed in Stories :: November 23, 2012

I’m sitting in the airport in Ft. Lauderdale, waiting to board a plane to South Carolina for my 30th high school reunion.

I didn’t go to the 10th (divorcing my first husband) or the 20th (temporarily separated from my second husband) or the 25th (divorcing my second husband). Finally, 30 years after high school, tumultuous relationships in the past, I can go back.

I keep asking myself why I decided to take this trip. I’ve kept in touch with only one friend, Michelle, who will join me for a cocktail tonight and brunch tomorrow as well as the reunion.

Writing my memoir has meant exploring the past ten or twenty years in excruciating detail. I haven’t spent much time remembering high school. But one thing leads to another, doesn’t it?

What do I want to know, find, experience? I’m not sure.

I’ll know it when I see it.

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  1. Charlie Cate


    I saw Janie’s comment on Facebook and looked this site up. I’m very impressed with the courageous work you do. I really regret we didn’t get to talk more. I’m VERY glad you came to the reunion. I hope you had fun reconnecting with folks and it was great to see you. Maybe we’ll do a 35 year reunion and I’ll hope to see you there. I’ll look forward to staying in touch on Facebook.


    • Angela Kelsey

      Thanks, Charlie! It was great to see you and everyone else last week. Thanks for visiting And count me in for a 35th reunion!