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Happy Birthday, Viola Sylvesta

Filed in Stories, voices :: March 18, 2012

For today’s guest post in my Women’s History Month series, Nest-Making, I’m very happy to join Shannon in honoring her grandmother, Viola Sylvesta, whose 100th birthday is this week.  :: She was born in the Spring of 1912. To a family with brother and sisters and a father whose dreams kept them destitute in a way that we, two […]

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Short But Sweet

Filed in Stories, voices :: March 17, 2012

I remember my elementary school teachers’ names and faces and words and clothes–Mrs. Gaddy (1st grade), Mrs. Stephens (2nd), Mrs. DePuy (3rd and 6th), and Mrs. Tabachi (5th)–but 4th grade is a blur.  Meredith Shadwill remembers 4th grade in today’s Nest-Making guest post Women’s History Month, and celebrates the empowering influence Mrs. Notowitz. :: My fourth grade teacher Mrs. Notowitz […]

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Hey Girls, We Slipped Up

Filed in Stories, voices :: March 16, 2012

This month we’re remembering and honoring and celebrating women who’ve gone before us by telling their stories. Today’s Nest-Making post by Ann Wijkstrom takes a slightly different tack, thanking a man who reminds us that our mothers’ work is not yet done. :: Would I like to honor someone during Women’s History Month? Well of […]

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Auntie Jaquie

Filed in Stories, voices :: March 15, 2012

Sometimes a piece of writing exemplifies the beauty it describes. This post by Illuminary is that kind of writing, part of a series called Nest-Making, in honor of women and Women’s History Month. :: Anyone who tells you that you are shaped and fashioned by those who love you, only has half of it. I […]

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Filed in Stories, voices :: March 14, 2012

This post is the third in a series of guest posts in honor of Women’s History Month, nests for ourselves and others. Welcome, lovely D Smith Kaich Jones. :: I am built of the small moments gifted by women I have known, pieces of gold stacked helter skelter against the sides of my soul.  in […]

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