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Tell the Story


Filed in Stories, voices, Writing :: December 3, 2011

In The Call, Oriah Mountain Dreamer writes,

“So ask yourself this: If I could say one word to the world, if I knew the world was listening attentively and would to the best of its ability follow the directive this word sent out, what would that word be?”

So I asked myself.  I did not miss a beat.


I wrote it in the margin.  No doubt about it.  No alternatives came to mind, and they still don’t.

I was disappointed. I wanted a revelation.  At least a word with a second syllable, a word with some zhuzh.

I’m supposed to tell the world to tell?  And of course the corollaries are unmistakable. I’m supposed to tell.  I’m supposed to learn to tell so that I can teach to tell.

I read this a few months ago, and I’m just coming back to it.

It’s turning out to be a more interesting word than I bargained for, and I’m working on ways to integrate it into 2012.

I’ll tell you all about it over the next few weeks.


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