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With Gratitude

Filed in Books, Stories, voices, Writing :: November 24, 2011

From Lewis Hyde’s The Gift: 

“Every artist secretly hopes his art will make him attractive.  Sometimes he or she imagines it is a lover, a child, a mentor, who will be drawn to the work.  But alone in the workshop it is the soul itself the artist labors to delight.  The labor of gratitude is the initial food we offer the soul in return for its gifts, and if it accepts our sacrifice we may be, as Whitman was, drawn into a gifted state–out of time, coherent, ‘in place.’ And in those moments when we are gifted, the work falls together graciously.  (Not always, of course.  For some the work may fall into place regularly, but most of us cut out a thousand pairs of shoes before the elves begin to sew.)”

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