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What have you survived?

Filed in Dating Violence, Domestic Violence, Stories, voices :: April 5, 2012



In From a Survivor, Adrienne Rich writes,

Next year it would have been 20 years
and you are wastefully dead
who might have made the leap
we talked, too late, of making

which I live now
not as a leap
but a succession of brief, amazing movements

each one making possible the next





Every one of us who lives another day is a survivor of something, or everything.

Survivors of  violent, personal trauma–domestic violence, sexual abuse, rape.

Others are survivors of cancer, accidents, natural disasters, genocide, the suicide of a loved one.

What have you survived? What has been your “succession of brief, amazing movements”?




  1. ☆little light☆

    ~fingers crossed~
    I have survived to many things to count.
    Some of them were poor choices, some of them were wishful thinking, some of them the roll of the dice.
    Surviving has made my hand faster to reach out 
    My heart bigger to forgive…

  2. whollyjeanne

    i love being a part of Such a supportive, caring community you’ve created there, Sugar.