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Filed in Memoir, Stories :: April 11, 2013

I met Alana Sheeren via my friend Jeanne, that great connector, and for the past couple of years I’ve followed Alana on her blog and social media.

She’s doing a series of interviews called “Transformation Talk.” Here’s what she writes about them:

Every Thursday for a year, starting in September 2012, I’ll post an interview with someone who is a force for good in the world. These men and women have either deepened their passion or found their calling after experiencing a loss, trauma or diagnosis

I want to broaden the conversation around grief and its transformative power. My hope is that in their words you’ll find echoes of your story. In their inspired actions, you’ll see yourself and your immense possibility.

About a week ago, I had the pleasure of being the “someone” she interviewed. Here is our conversation.


I realized this morning that today is April 11, a day that for me has become a day of unexpected transformations.

April 11, 2007 was the day my ex-husband was arrested. April 11, 2011 was the day I gave my first public talk to a group. And now April 11, 2013, through no foresight or planning on my part, is the day of my first  interview.

I really appreciate the work Alana is doing with respect to grief and loss and their transformative power. Thank you, Alana, for being part of my ongoing transformation.

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  1. wholly jeanne

    And what a wonderfully riveting and informative interview it was. You and Alana are two of my favorite women in the whole world. You’re out there making a difference for so many people in so many ways. So very proud to count you both as friend. And I can’t wait till I’m holding your book!