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The Body as Nest

Filed in Stories, voices :: March 29, 2012

Today’s Nest-Making guest post in honor of women and Women’s History Month is by Bindu Wiles. It’s a milestone post  for two reasons: it’s the blog’s 500th post, and more importantly, Bindu is one of  the  first people I met online to become  dear  to me offline as well. I’m very happy to have her words and images here today.


In honor of all the women who have given their bodies

as a soft place to fall

to rest upon

to enter into the world

to bear witness

to hold

to love.

We are all mothers of some sort.






Bindu Wiles is in a deep mid-life crisis that she is walking, writing and photographing her way through. She has an undergraduate degree in fine art (photography) and 3 graduate degrees because the one she really wanted all along was an MFA in writing, which she finally received at 47 years of age from Sarah Lawrence College. The tattoo on her left forearm sums up her life motto: Art Saves Lives. She has completed a 300 page memoir, her essays have been published in various literary journals, she is bringing more of the under 12 years of age crowd into her life, and is always up for a good laugh. In fact, she is trying to stay in a state of silly as an approach to aging.


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  1. Tracy

    Loved the post today. Bindu’s photos are 3D without the glasses – have loved them for decades, as well as her poetry. Her bio at the end made me laugh – lots of profound insights and timeless art will be the result of this life phase – sending energy for giggles galore!

  2. Angela

    Bindu, Thank you for your poem and images of women for whom you’ve born witness, all of them, and all of us, mothers. I’ve been trying to choose a favorite image, but I love them all.

  3. Kathleen

    Thank you, Bindu for your exquisite nature… seeeeeeeeing and honoring exquisite nature in its most powerful manifestation distilled in your words and images. Jewels.