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Swear to Stay

Filed in Stories :: April 7, 2013


This was the plan when we started this sell-the-house thing:

Sign goes in yard.

Potential buyer makes offer.

Price is agreed upon and contract is signed.

Rental house  is found to fit Max’s requirements of one story and easy access to the yard (no steps).

Move everything and sign the papers.


All of this would happen before I had time to feel too much about it. For goodness sake, I had felt enough about it already, hadn’t I?

I wanted to leave this house for years.  Too many bad memories; too many broken dreams.

But while plenty of potential buyers have looked, and the feedback to the realtors has been generally positive, we have not yet gotten to Step 2–offer making.

Today this house felt good to me, felt like home, but maybe it’s not the house itself. Maybe it’s something else.

I picked a book off the shelf: Thin Places by Amy Armbrecht. Here is the final sentence of her preface:

And I discovered that the ability to discover the sacred at home–living life as a pilgrimage–is what can turn any place into a home where it is worth swearing to stay.

I think that’s what I’d like to feel that I have: a place worth swearing to stay.


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  1. wholly jeanne

    I chuckle and remember the move-fast-and-outrun-feeling strategy. It does have a way of catching up with you, though, doesn’t it? Thanks for reminding me about Thin Places with the quote that fits right in to what you’re saying. I think it’s time for a re-read . . . if that’s a book that made the cut.