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Six Impossible Things

Filed in Memoir, Stories, voices, Writing :: October 31, 2011
Last weekend I watched Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.

“Have you any idea why a raven is like a writing desk?” the Mad Hatter asks Alice.

With NaNoWriMo looming, I have no time for riddles.  But Alice’s killing of the Jabberwocky?

“This is impossible,” she tells the Hatter.

“Only if you believe it is,” he replies.

“Sometimes, I believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast,”
says Alice.

“That is an excellent practice.  However, just at the moment, you really might want to focus on the Jabberwocky,” says the Hatter.

Alice says,

“Six impossible things.  Count them, Alice.
1. There is a potion that can make you shrink.
2. And a cake that can make you grow.”

[She and the Jabberwocky talk for a moment.]

“That’s enough chatter.
3. Animals can talk.
Four, Alice.
4. Cats can disappear.
5. There’s a place called Wonderland.
6. I can slay the Jabberwocky.”

That’s enough chatter.

I can slay the Nanowrimo.

(And you can, too.)

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