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Open Letter to January

Filed in Books, Memoir, Stories, voices, Writing :: January 31, 2011

Dear January,

Every time I thought I knew where we were going, you changed your story, took a hard turn in the opposite direction, put a piano on a sandbar in Biscayne Bay.

You have worn me out.

But now that we’ve come to our last day together, I realize that our tempestuous relationship has been fruitful.

I’ve met wonderful new people, and reconnected with family and friends I’d temporarily lost.

I did some hard excavation of the past, and laid some new groundwork for the future.

Everyone around me is growing and changing at warp speed.

The book proposal I’m working on?  It’s affecting my whole memoir project, in a good way.

I got up at 5 a.m. to write on 85% of your weekday mornings, and I wrote on at least 87% of your days.

And for days, the soundtrack in my head has been Dancing Days by Led Zeppelin.

Maybe that’s because I’m dancing.

So thanks, January.  You haven’t been nice, but you’ve been good.

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