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On Fire

Filed in Dating Violence, Domestic Violence, Stories :: April 11, 2012


Month of rebirth,

 month of two anniversaries.

Good Friday, 2002: a beating, an interim separation.

April 11, 2007: another assault, an arrest, the first night of a final separation.

Easter weekend 2012: time for a fire.

Tonight two Adrienne Rich poems:

“Burning Oneself Out,”

its last lines:

“or, as tonight, the mirror of the fire
of my mind, burning as if it could go on
burning itself, burning down

feeding on everything
till there is nothing in life
that has not fed that fire”



about Marie Curie,

“[who] died a famous woman denying
her wounds
her wounds came from the same source as her power.”


What has fed your fire?

Can you see that your wounds and your power come from the same source?


  1. ☆little light☆

    steel is tempered in the fire 
    and our will  and desire
    will either become stronger
    or just a puddle of goo.
    I am a tough puddle !

  2. Julie Daley


    What has fed my fire? Love. Grief. Joy. Dance. Words. Tears. 
    Yes, they absolutely come from the same source. Yes.Your words always feed my fire. You and Adrienne.
    SO glad this April is rebirthing you.
    Love you,