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March is Women’s History Month

Filed in Stories, voices :: March 1, 2012

According to the National Women’s History Project, the theme for 2012’s Women’s History Month is Women’s Education–Women’s Empowerment.

We learn through formal education and books.
Quilting circles and whispered details.
Mothers running beside our bicycles in the alley behind the house and parallel parking twenty times in the street.
Friends making sourdough bread and wrapping our feet on a long hike.

We learn from women who walk beside us, women whose books we’ve read, those who are here now and those who have long been gone.

During March, I’ll be writing about women who’ve taught me, and others, through their stories. I hope you’ll read, and maybe even write, along with me.

Tell your stories during Herstory Month.

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  1. Illuminary

    I look forward to reading. It will be interesting to see what women have touched you and how…

  2. wholly jeanne

    i will be reading right alongside you. like illuminary, i look forward to becoming acquainted with women who have touched your life. xoxo