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And they flew.

Filed in Memoir, Stories, voices, Writing :: April 1, 2011

Come to the edge.

We might fall.

Come to the edge.

It’s too high!


And they came,

And he pushed,

And they flew.

–Christopher Logue

[Insert sound of needle being dragged across the record.]

How many posts have I written about flying, going to the edge, taking risks, getting out there and telling the truth? Five?  Twenty-five? I can’t bear to look.

For the most part, I stand on the edge and look down.  From time to time, I push myself. I write a post that makes my stomach churn.

But instead of  flying, I claw my way back up the rocks and retreat again away from the edge into book reviews or writing prompts or the nonexistent middle ground of  interesting yet inoffensive.  Then, bored, I edge back to the edge.


Is that all there is?  Really?

If it is, it’s time to pull the plug on my beloved blog.

If it is, and if I do, no one will care.

I pause to see how that feels.

It feels like a knife is being plunged into my chest.

Okay, so I don’t want to pull the plug.

If that’s not all there is, then what is there?  What am I here (both online and off) to do?

I am here to tell my stories and help other people, especially women, tell theirs.  All their stories, especially the ones usually held close in silent shame.

So starting with tomorrow’s post, I’ll begin a series called “What I’m Writing Today.”  I’ll share whatever I’m writing, whether it’s an excerpt from my memoir-in-progress, or my talk-in-progress, or maybe even from my journal or a letter or email.  Who knows?

But each one will be a story, and I want each one to make me feel like the elephant in the photo.

I imagine her stomach’s churning.




  1. Jennifer Hurst

    You are doing what you recognize is important. You are also earning a living, which is important. I love the quote from 11th Century Chinese poet Su Tung-p’o “… Other poets have worked for the water bureau.” Your blog is often inspirational, but you must decide what is best to write. Write like it matters, because it does. Much love. Jennifer

  2. Dian Reid

    Indeed you will fly. Funny thing is, if you look down I bet you already are.

    Excited for your stomach churning, your edging, your writing, your flying … and all the benefits I’ll reap from each.

    Thank you dear friend, for not pulling the plug. I, for one, would miss you.

  3. Wholly Jeanne

    I just know that when you fluff those wings, you’ll sail right through the air. I love your idea. Love and appreciate that you are letting us in at a different level, through a different door. Love that you’ll set aside concerns about constructing a piece some would call perfect, and giving us nibbles. (speaking of foregoing perfectionism . . . from the way i hopped around, it kinda’ looks like I get paid by the metaphor, doesn’t it?…)